Sale of scanze turntables, 360 video spinners

Turntable 3D Mini


Turntable 3D Midi

$672.00Regular Price$350.00Sale Price

Turntable 3D Maxi 1000


Turntable 3D maxi 5000


Turntable 3D maxi 3000


Replacement housing for Turntable 3D


Carrying case with wheels for rotary table ScanBe


Thanks to the ability of our specialists to generate and implement new ideas, we successfully implement complex tasks in the field of engineering.


We implement a full cycle of project development - from 3D models to "hardware". We carry out statement of new products on serial production and their maintenance-Assembly, installation, adjustment, test.

To date, the company's portfolio includes a wide variety of projects - from complex works on rotary heads and rotary devices for 3D scanning to fine 3D modeling, reverse engineering, parts manufacturing.



15 years of successful engineering practice

More than 300 Russian and international projects

Accredited center for collective use SKOLKOVO

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